Build Your Own Pizza

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Build Your Own Pizza and add your own toppings

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Extra Toppings on Whole Pizza
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Total: 10.99
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Build Your Own Pizza and add your own toppings


10", 12", 14", 16"

1 review for Build Your Own Pizza

  1. Matt Erwin

    After 2 years of getting pizza nearly each week, I called tonight and was very disappointed in the change in price. I realize things have gotten more expensive, but going from a large single topping for $10.00, (we’d buy two and an additional 2 topping at regular price) I found out that this special is no longer available and that the single topping pizza would be $22.50 for each. This is no longer affordable for our family, unfortunately! We do love your pizza’s but sadly, will have to make changes to our weekly plans.

    • Mike Ruoho

      That special was exactly that, a special. We ran it for about a year, but with food costs, labor costs and increasing inflation, we could no longer run that special. Keep a look out in the mailbox for new coupons.

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